Containers - VTA Vehicle Trajectory Analysis

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A prototype system was developed to record the operation of container handling machinery at a Container Terminal. This system ran for several months, sending information automatically to an Internet location for display and processing.

Containers are moved around the terminal using Reach Stackers. These machines were instrumented to record the boom position and other machine parameters.

The GPS and inertial state of the Reach Stacker was continuously recorded, providing UTC Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Velocity and a positional accuracy estimate.

Data for the Elapsed Time and X, Y and Z accelerations was also recorded.

Five analogue channels were recorded giving the machine throttle and brake positions, the boom extension and angle, and the weight being carried.

An additional seven digital channels were recorded, giving the status of the Joystick (up/down, in/out and slew), Forward and Reverse and the Twistlock state.

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