VTA Program - VTA Vehicle Trajectory Analysis

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VTA Program

Our VTA (Vehicle Trajectory Analysis) program is an application intended to allow analysis of vehicle performance data recorded by various means. We provide an Android mobile phone app as one recording system. We also have a custom sensor box able to record data at a higher quality than the phone app.

The analysis program requires a personal computer running Windows XP or later. If you plan to use an Android phone two versions of the app are provided. One is for recent model phones while the other is able to function on earlier model phones. Android versions as early as 2.3 can be used. You do not need to have an active phone. The phone is only used as a data recorder so you do not need a SIM card for operation. An older phone is quite acceptable.

The VTA program and Android app are free to download and use.

If you want an overview of how the program functions you can get the documentation files from this link (3.0 Mb in size).

If you're only interested in the Android component you can get a copy of those files from the following link (1.4 Mb in size). Both versions of the app, plus documentation are included in this zip file.

If you would like the full VTA package you can get a copy of this from the following link (around 25.0 Mb in size). This includes all the documentation and Android files referenced above.

There is now a new version of the VTA installation package. This new version has an additional import option for loading our RCM (Road Condition Monitoring) data files. This is the only change to the program. You only need this version if you are performing RCM analysis.

Some of the functions of the VTA program are...

Record vehicle data using an Android smart phone application.

Display velocity and acceleration profiles.
Display acceleration data as a friction circle.

Cut and save segments from longer trajectory paths.

Display aerial or satellite photos as a background.


Import data from,
 * Smarty BX-1000 accident video recorders.
 * RT-3000 test systems.
 * Vericom test systems.

(please contact us about these features)

As an example of a practical application this software was employed for a vehicle braking project. The aim was to record data for a car braking from various speeds with ABS on and off, using 3 different qualities of tyre. The data was to be used as reference information for accident reconstruction. The following Youtube videos were produced to help explain how to analyse the data. A few of the videos have very low audio for which we apologise.

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